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At the same time, it’s our old customer in Europe, At the beginning, they bought one set if 50L home brewing equipment form zunhuang company.

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Double head beer barrel washing machine

Product Name: Double head beer barrel cleaning machine

Application areas: bars, hotels brewed beer equipment


1. To ensure the thoroughness of beer drums;

2. Save energy, including water, electricity and manpower

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It is critical to clean the beer bucket before filling the beer. He is directly related to the quality of beer filling. A good cleaning machine not only to ensure that the beer barrels clean thoroughly, but also need to save energy, including water, electricity and manpower, for the next step to fill the full preparation.


Detailed description:

1 control unit using the German Siemens programmable controller, automatically complete the cleaning, disinfection, and CO2 pressure and so all the work. All parameters (time values) can be adjusted without downtime.

2 The machine comes with three tanks (hot water tank, hot water tank, disinfectant water tank,) heating method for steam or electric heating.

3 Sterile water, disinfectant or alkaline water recycling recycling, saving water.

4 Can be cleaned by replacing the cleansing head attachment.

5 The machine is all stainless steel, gas control combination angle seat valve, safe and reliable quality.

6 Machine built-in cold cleaning and hot cleaning two sets of procedures, through the control panel on the knob switch conversion, fast and convenient.



Hot Cleaning: Compression - Disinfectant - Clear Water - Hot Alkaline - Palladium - Hot Water Cleaning - Sterile Water Cleaning (Cooling) Disinfectant Cleaning - Sterile Water Cleaning - Steam Sweep - Sterile Water Cleaning (Cooling ) -CO2 backup pressure - reset.

Cold Cleaning: Compression - Disinfectant - Clear Water - Disinfectant - Sterile Water - Steam Sweep - Sterile Water (Cool) -CO2 Prepare - Reset.

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