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With the development of large-scale beer, the market competition is also increasing, companies are constantly looking for ways to reduce production costs, improve market competitiveness.

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Company Culture

— Vision: To be the best brand in the industry

Create the "Zunhuang Brewing Equipment" brand and be an excellent enterprise in the industry.

Stabilize the traditional wine-making equipment industry, develop high-tech products, develop technical service business, and build the Zunhuang wine-making equipment brand.

— Idea: Create opportunities to achieve the future

Some people say that there are fewer and fewer opportunities. In fact, they are not. Opportunities will always belong to those who actively think and work hard.

Efforts are indispensable for seizing opportunities and achieving career success.

— Value: honesty, pragmatism, dedication and innovation

Honesty is the foundation, pragmatism is the method, dedication is the attitude, and innovation is the driving force for us to achieve sustainable development. We hope that every one of our employees can be honest, pragmatic, hardworking, dedicated, and innovative.

Only by creating value can we survive, and by continuously creating value can we survive for a long time.

Every employee must create value for the company, and our company must create value for users. Only in this way can our company survive and develop, and our employees can always have this warrior’s own platform.

Do a little more than others, do a little better.

In work or life, we always desire success. However, in today's fierce competition, we may not be smarter than others, so why do we succeed? The answer is, do a little more and do a little better than others.

— Team: learning, unity, collaboration

Stress study, unity, and collaboration; compare skills, performance, and contribution.

Create a harmonious atmosphere and promote happy work.

Respect each other and agree with each other.

Focus on business, family, and health.

We hope that our employees will have a sense of responsibility and become a responsible person. They must be responsible for the company, their families, and themselves.

— Quality: sincere service on top of quality

We must regard quality as the life of an enterprise, leave more convenience to users, and continue to improve with an attitude of excellence.

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