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With the development of large-scale beer, the market competition is also increasing, companies are constantly looking for ways to reduce production costs, improve market competitiveness.

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After-sale service

Equipment Support:

Quality control:

Before any piece of craft beer brewing equipment leaves ZH ET it goes through a complete quality control inspection. This inspection assures your equipment meets all specifications and is in proper working order before it leaves our facility and arrives at your brewery .


Technology Support:

ZHET Equipment has a wide range of support for our equipment. anyway it is technical service you need or just some questions about parts, we have the experts to service you.

We t ook great pride in ALL our technicians and staff as they are one of our greatest strengths.

Our Technical staff is experience with all the machines we offer and they have over 20 years experience, so even if you have an old machine we will have a tech that can help.

Our Support staff can assist you with any questions you may have about service or parts that you may have to purchase.

In ZHET ....the customer comes FIRST!


Training service:

ZHBrew experienced trainers are available to provide on-site brewery training. This includes operating the brewhouse / fermenters / cooling / touch screen control panel and all other equipments come from ZHET , testing of brewing equipment, as well as cleaning and maintenance procedures, also ZHET experienced trainers will share you some brewing recipes.


After service:

Ten provide to service you

1. To provide the after-sale Service for the whole life.

2. To provide 24h service for you, solve your urgent problem first time.

3. To provide 3 years warranty for the main products

4. To provide free design for your brewery layout for 2D or 3D

5. To provide Spare parts replacement and repair service provided.

6. To provide Engineer going abroad for installation, debugging and technical training , if you need

7. To provide the Form E, CO, etc..others necessary reduce import Tax files for you

8. To provide update information about brewing equipment technology once we test

9. To provide help you send the goods if you have others company order, then send to you together

10. To provide Door to Door service, if you need any brewing parts




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