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At the same time, it’s our old customer in Europe, At the beginning, they bought one set if 50L home brewing equipment form zunhuang company.

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Double head beer bucket filling machine

Product Name: Double-headed iron bucket beer filling machine

Application areas: brewed beer equipment, brewing beer equipment


1. High degree of automation, adjustment is very convenient and reliable;

2. The machine does not need to use sterile room, small footprint, save space, save investment.

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Features: This equipment is designed for a variety of beer preservation containers (including stainless steel, plastic crisp barrels and barbecue) canned design. The device can automatically complete the filling work.

Detailed description:

1, The control unit using the German Siemens programmable controller S7-200, automatically complete the work of CO2 pressure gauge filling all the work.

2, The use of isobaric filling, packing system performance is stable and reliable. In the same product filling the lowest wine loss.

3, Two units were engraved with different volumes of barrels, separate measurement, convenient and flexible.

4, Through the replacement of the filling head can be achieved on the type of Triter bark or barbecue beer drum filling.

5, The machine with a CIP return line, through the panel to select the knob to facilitate the pipeline cleaning and sterilization.

6, Multi-function LCD screen set any filling volume, you can use the three commonly used barrel filling volume set in each station selection knob, easy to operate.


Compression -CO2 Pressure - Filling - Metering stop - Reset

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