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Zunhuang brewery equipment focus on well performance and easy control for beer brewing, not pursue of ornate appearance.

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The concept of fine brewing is also popular in recent years. Fine craft beer originated in Europe, the family brewing process, but it is the earliest in the United States the rise of thecraft beer revolution.

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Belgium 2000L Bright beer tank

Source :Zunhuang     Release Time : 2019-05-22     PV :

2000L bright beer tank for export to Belgium 

1.Total volume: 2500L(25% free space), Effective volume:2000L, dish head and cylinder tank;  

2.Inside surface: SUS304, TH3mm,

Outside surface: SUS304, TH2mm

Thermal insulation material: Polyurethane (PU) foam, Insulation thickness: 80MM.

3.Manhole: side manhole on cylinder.

4.Design pressure 3bar, Working pressure: 1.5-2.0bar;  

6.Cooling method: Dimple cooling jacket cylinder,  Cooling area:3.2.

7.Cleaning system: Fixed-round rotary cleaning ball.

8.Control system: PT100, temperature control; Front thermomenter display. 

9.Carbonation stone device. 

With: CIP arm with spray ball, pressure gauge, Mechanical pressure regulating valve, sanitary sampling valve, breath valve, Ice water solenoid valve, rotating raking arm, drain valve, thermometer etc.

10.Stainless steel legs with bigger and thicker base plate, with screw assembly to adjust leg height;

11.Complete with associated valves and fittings.

Internal pickling passivation


Our client will get the equipment at next month, we are warmly welcome you to visit it and check the quality of equipment. 



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