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Brewery beer equipment general used in industrial beer production line, which for the purpose of maximizing return on investment.

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This type of beer brewing equipment can brewing different type beer in the market, you can easily find, such as switch beer, wheat beer, dark beer and other special beer.

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We have high diathesis staff and excellent processing equipment, and quality control runs through the whole production process from parts stock to the beginning of production.

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Do you have a high cost of wine?

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Hello! Our wine making process is strictly in accordance with the German pure brewing process, is currently the most advanced brewing technology. Four kinds of raw materials are needed: malt, hops, yeast, brewing water. To do the cost of 1L wine, that is, the cost of two bottles of beer, sugar degree 10P-12p or so, the cost of about $2 /L. Through our return visit to the user, because our equipment to make beer quality, market efficiency is very good.

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