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Yeast propagation

Product classification: Transformation of fermentation engineering

Applications area: Beer Bars, Hotels, Restaurants etc.

Product features:

1. The use of modern popular two-level training and tertiary training technology;
2. One or two training ten times the expansion factor, three times the cultivation of four times the expansion factor, in line with the law of yeast breeding conditions, you can meet the ;

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1 、 Background description

In recent years. Beer industry competition continues to intensify, in the competition, product quality has always been the focus of competition. From a technical point of view, yeast quality is undoubtedly the most important part of beer quality management, therefore, the brewery on the yeast expansion system are very seriously.

At present, most of the domestic brewery yeast cultivation equipment is the initial installation of the plant, due to the technical conditions at that time, the performance of the equipment has been lagging behind the need to update the yeast expansion system. I introduced the Danish advanced technology, design and production of yeast expansion equipment has reached the world advanced level.

2 、 System description

Yeast culture system using the most advanced technology, in the temperature, pressure, oxygen, material sterilization, empty tank sterilization, CIP cleaning, pressure and other aspects, by the PLC automatic control. The main characteristic is that the system automatically controls the number of wort into the tank and automatically carries out the second sterilization of wort. During the culture process, the temperature, pressure and oxygenation frequency are controlled automatically. The first stage culture is fed to the secondary culture, Culture to the first level of anti-transfer yeast, and cultured yeast to the fermentation production and transportation and other automatic control, in the CIP cleaning, cleaning fluid temperature, washing frequency, time and other automatic control. In the tank sterilization, sterilization temperature, time, pressure and pressure control and other automatic control. The system can set and modify parameters according to the process and save the history. Advanced equipment performance, flexible operation, safe and stable.

3 、 System composition

The yeast culture system is mainly used for the production of yeast to expand the culture, the system mainly includes: a yeast cultivation tank, two yeast cultivation tank, CIP cleaning tank, CIP cleaning pump, CIP reflux pump (and yeast pump), CIP pipeline , Compressed air filtration system, steam heating pipe system, refrigerant cooling pipeline system, wort / yeast delivery pipeline system, PLC automatic control system and instrument valves and other equipment components.

4 、 System Features

Advanced technology

The use of modern popular two-level training and tertiary training technology.

The use of central oxygenation, oxygen distribution, dissolved oxygen rate is high, is conducive to the absorption of yeast, yeast can quickly breed.

One or two training ten times the expansion factor, three times the cultivation of four times the expansion factor, in line with the law of yeast breeding conditions, you can meet the production needs as soon as possible.

With CIP automatic cleaning function, can be extended to the tank, the material pipeline, oxygen pipeline automatic cleaning.

With steam sterilization function, the expansion tank, material piping, oxygen pipe steam sterilization, to ensure that the system to meet the requirements of sterility.

The wort can be secondary to sterilization, to ensure that the wort without microbial contamination, to ensure that the yeast pure culture.

The number of wort can be measured. The amount of each tank into and out of the automatic control: the use of flow meters, liquid level control switch control the number of wort.

The culture temperature can be controlled automatically. Temperature control: the use of Pt100 temperature sensor, the temperature displayed on the control screen, the expansion of the temperature for automatic control.

Oxygenation frequency and oxygen charge can be adjusted and automatic control.

The pressure can be controlled automatically. Tank top with positive and negative pressure relief valve, in the case of negative pressure to ensure the development of ultra-sub-cargo tank safety, the system using pressure operation, micro-pressure culture, one or two cans health level diaphragm pressure gauge installed in the tank Top, three installed in the pipeline, you can do with the pipeline synchronization cleaning and steam sterilization.

Pipeline valves, all stainless steel piping and fittings are hygienic standards. Material management are used health grade butterfly valve. Each tank is equipped with an independent oxygenation pipeline, washing pipe, exhaust pipe. The use of pipe to facilitate the operation, conducive to health. So that the tank of the pipeline, the circuit can be done separately cleaning and steam sterilization. To meet the requirements of sterile health level.

In the total control screen can display the operation of the tank and the pneumatic valve state, pneumatic valve can be automatically / manually switch.

Processing well

The tank is made of a butterfly head , and the top of the tank is fitted with no dead ends. Using argon protection, single-sided welding double-sided molding.

Equipment surface protection treatment, nice, durable and practical.

The use of sanitary pipes, valves, pipe fittings, pipe outside, wall polishing, no health dead ends.

Pipe welding argon gas protection, single-sided welding, double-sided molding, welding transition smooth meet the health standards.

The cylinder and the lower conical head are provided with separate cooling jacket and heating jacket, jacket for the Maitreya plate, Maitreya jacket is characterized by the initial turbulent state of the medium, high heat exchange efficiency. The jacket is overpressured to ensure safe use of the system.

Supporting advanced

The control system adopts the PLC control, all the automatic control parameter establishment and the monitoring system running condition can be realized smoothly.

The tank has a warming and cooling function.

Automatic valves and manual valves using well-known brands and the domestic top health level valve.

Equipped with a hygienic sampling valve

Steam, air filter imported from Germany brand-name products. Air filter air into the expansion tank before, through a filter 0.1μm, to ensure that oxygen and pressure compressed air aseptic. Air secondary filter can be sterilized online. Steam before entering the system, through the steam filter, filter accuracy of 1μm, to ensure that sterilization steam does not plug the air filter. Refrigerant before entering the system, through the filter filter, filter accuracy of 60 mesh.

Equipped with steam, refrigerant filter, to ensure that the jacket cleanliness and safety.

Equipment material using high-quality 304 stainless steel.

5 、 Implementation process

The system contains the following process:

CIP cleaning → empty tank sterilization → tank pressure → pipe sterilization → into the wort → wort sterilization → inoculation → yeast culture → bacteria pressure back → bacteria preservation → yeast to send fermentation.

1, CIP cleaning: in the equipment before the use of tanks and pipelines for CIP cleaning, procedures:

Water (10min) → lye (3%, 30min) → hot water (15min, PH = 7)

2, tank and pipe sterilization: the equipment used before the tank and pipe steam sterilization, procedures:

Tank: steam heating → insulation (110 ℃ , 30min) → pressure (0.05MPa) → cooling (pressure)

Piping: steam → holding time (30min) → cooling

3, into the wort: culture tank by measuring access to wort.

4, wort sterilization: the bottom of the jacket into the steam heating, wort sterilization temperature of 100 ℃ for 30min, the cylinder jacket into the ice water cooling, wort temperature dropped to the culture temperature.

5, vaccination: ① card cans into the first tank culture tank.

② will be a training tank bacteria into the secondary culture tank.

6, yeast culture: wort inoculation, control the culture temperature, regular oxygenation, yeast breeding.

7, the bacteria pressure back: the second culture tank to cultivate a good yeast to take part of the pressure back to a training tank for the next expansion.

8, strain preservation: a culture tank to reduce the temperature of 2-4 ℃ cryopreservation.

9, yeast to send fermentation: yeast culture to meet the requirements, through the yeast pump to the yeast liquid into the fermentation tank, used for the production of meta-yeast.

10, in the following training process to be CIP cleaning:

① before and after wort ② after inoculation ③ bacteria pressure back ④ yeast to send the end of fermentation

6 、 Technical parameters of Yeast Propagation Equipment


Yeast propagation system





Working Method


Ⅰ grade propagator





PU insulation

Ⅱ grade propagator





PU insulation

CIP Cleaning tank






Carlsberg flask






Valves And Pipes





Pipeline plate switch

Self-control executive element






Self-control control element






Scope Of Application:

1. Ⅰgrade propagator, Ⅱgrade propagator is 300L×3000L.And it can be used for breweries with the capacity below 20000KL.

2. Ⅰgrade propagator, Ⅱgrade propagator is 400L×4000L.And it can be used for breweries with the capacity above 30000KL.


1. Assembled by excellent 304 stainless steel and high-quality valves, pipelines, Used for the yeast propagation of beer brewery. Besides, preserve the yeast effective, ensure the pure of the yeast, high-effective propagation.

2. The shell welding line is smooth and polishing. Inner surface roughness is ≤ 0.4 μ m . Surface roughness outside the tank ≤ 0.8 μ m . All meet international standard and GMP requirement.

3. Adopt creative designed tank top-lid combination and tank bottom valves which connect directly to the tank shell. The tank is equipped with asepsis sampling valves, oxygenize device and no dead corner flange . So the tank has no dead corner and no residual and make sure about the thorough ly cleaning and liquor drainage .

4. This system is divided into Ⅰ grade, Ⅱ grade, Ⅲ grade and more grades to propagate. The capacity for one time is 40HL, 150HL, and more. The equipment is Scientific and variety. High-effective in heat exchange

5. Adopted PLC semi-automatic/automatic control system, the technology parameters ban be set up according to the technology requirement. It can meet the requirement of all kinds of breweries.

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