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Zunhuang brewery equipment focus on well performance and easy control for beer brewing, not pursue of ornate appearance.

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The concept of fine brewing is also popular in recent years. Fine craft beer originated in Europe, the family brewing process, but it is the earliest in the United States the rise of thecraft beer revolution.

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International customer

Sweden 1000L brewery

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It is very famous in the Swedish beer factory, they are our old customers, at first they bought a set of 1000L home brewing equipment, they are very satisfied with our engineers installed in his brewery equipment and our service attitude. Today, the development of good, want to continue to cooperate, I hope we can become more intimate partner.



Our company adopts German advanced brewing technology and complies with domestic customers requirement design and manufacture micro beer brewing equipment, the production process is superior, easy operated and simple to learn and understand .The black beer green beer, pure wheat beer and pure barley beer etc. These various pure taste beers produced by the equipment are deeply adored by customers.


We are good at tendering the turnkey project with fabrication, installation, commissioning and operator training. So far, we have tendered turn-key project to United States,Canada,Russia,India,South Korea, Russia ,Gambia, Libya, Colombia, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand and other regions.

We have a very good reputation in China and overseas countries.


Our company leading products, micro beer and fruit wine fermentation experiment, practical training production lines, have been used widely in areas, like teaching, scientific research laboratories, practical training production and bioengineering projects, medium and small breweries and wineries, small craft beer equipment, etc.. rely on our superior quality, advanced intelligence control technology and perfect timely after-sale service, adhere to craftsman’s sprit, we had crafted enormous social benefit and economic value for our customers and have got high appreciation from experts in many colleges and universities, breweries & wineries, and both domestic and foreign customers! The products already exported to European market, American, Africa , Asia etc.


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