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Zunhuang brewery equipment focus on well performance and easy control for beer brewing, not pursue of ornate appearance.

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The concept of fine brewing is also popular in recent years. Fine craft beer originated in Europe, the family brewing process, but it is the earliest in the United States the rise of thecraft beer revolution.

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Original Germany Style 500L Beer Brewery Project From Zunhuang Company

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Germany Brewery Equipment Cases
---500L microbrewery  in Germany.

The 500l microbrewery of Firma Hausbrauerei Leidner  are installed and run in beginning of 2017. It is really a happy experience to work together and cooperate with the owner of  Mr Roland. He is very professional and experienced about craft beer brewing, also kind and passionate to exchange experience with others. Here, let’s learn more details about this project.

Part 1

Configuration of 500l microbrewery

Mill: 300~500kg/hr

Brewhouse: combined three vessel, mash/brew kettle,lauter and whirlpool. The whirlpool tun is designed under lauter tun in order to save both budget and floor area. The brew kettle tun is heated by steam. If budget allows, we suggest 3 vessel for micro brewery, mash tun, lauter tank, brew kettle&whirlpool, also for expand the capacity in the future. 

Fermentation unit: 5x500l fermenter,

Glycol chilling unit: 800L glycol water tank and 2x5hp chiller, one for use, one for spare,

Controlling Unit: 2 set of Control Cabinet, ine for mash tun one for fermentation system.

CIP unit: 50L Caustic Tank and Sterilization Tank on portable cart.

Part 2
Inspection of brewery equipment in China

Since we finished the beer equipment and ready to loading the container, Mr. Roland come to our factory for inspecting the equipment, also he was guide us to do better with the Getmany technology, also by his brewing experice, so we have update our equipment after customer requirement.   

Part 4

Brewery equipment arrives and start to brewing

Guys, if you have spare time on weekend, it would not be better to come this brewery  to taste one cup beer brewed with our equipment.

Thank you!!

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