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Brewery beer equipment general used in industrial beer production line, which for the purpose of maximizing return on investment.

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This type of beer brewing equipment can brewing different type beer in the market, you can easily find, such as switch beer, wheat beer, dark beer and other special beer.

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We have high diathesis staff and excellent processing equipment, and quality control runs through the whole production process from parts stock to the beginning of production.

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The price on the Alibaba accurate? How to pay for the purchase?

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Hello! Nissan 100L or more of the equipment, we are orders, that is, in accordance with the requirements of customers to customize. Because the customer of the equipment parameters, specifications and other requirements will vary, so the delivery time will be different. If you look at which products, it is best to contact our customer service phone, and then submit orders. We sincerely hope that you will visit the factory and sign the contract. Beer equipment is generally composed of pulverizing system, saccharification system, fermentation system, heat system, refrigeration system, control system and so on, each system involves many specific equipment production parameters, so the price of different types of equipment have differences. The purchase process is: advance 30% deposit - factory production - after the completion of the equipment, notify the customer to the factory inspection - customers pay the remaining 70% of the purchase price, delivery.

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