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100 liter small beer brewery equipment fermentation tanks Conical beer fermenter

1.Appearance clean and generous and the equipment is bright;

2.Good insulation effect:,The equipment is divided into two kinds of heat insulation and

cold insulation, which is the best to ensure the temperature of the beer brewing process;
3.Visualization operation: the equipment is controlled by PLC, and the fermentation tank

is equipped with a glass tube level gauge, which is convenient for visual operation;
4.Low energy consumption: environmental protection, energy saving, low power consumption.


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 Zunhuang craft beer equipment is consisted of Malt milling system, Mash system, 

Fermentation system, Refrigeration system, Control system and CIP cleaning system.

The tank of the system all adopts Red copper and S.S 304,and the system also have high

automatic control capacity.

Simple operation ,PLC automatic control system ,PLC semi-automatic control system.


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