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Wort subpressure evaporation energy-saving system

Product classification: Transformation of fermentation engineering

Applications area: Beer Bars, Hotels, Restaurants etc.

Product features:

1. Can get a better quality of wort, bad flavor substances to be volatile as soon as possible, DNS less than 20ppb;
2. Recycle the heat of evaporation, the formation of secondary steam is recovered by the condenser and used to raise the temperature of the brewing water;

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Wort subpressure evaporation energy-saving system features:

Heat evaporation can be reduced to less than 7.5%;

Avoid excessive heating of wort, you can get the best product quality, DMS less than 20ppb;

Separation of dimethylsulfide and condensable nitrogen;

Save energy and reduce production costs;

The continuous working time of the heater is long;

Cleaning interval is long, reduce the sewage discharge, is conducive to protecting the environment;

With CIP cleaning device.

一、Reconstruction of Wort subpressure evaporation energy-saving system

Background description

With the development of large-scale beer, the market competition is also increasing, companies are constantly looking for ways to reduce production costs, improve market competitiveness. How to save energy is a major theme of technological transformation, energy consumption not only in the heating, cooling is also the focus of energy consumption, wort cooling need to consume a lot of cold flow, we can change the local air pressure, the formation of low boiling point the boiling, the formation of a large number of water evaporation, take away the heat. Based on this principle, we design wort subpressure evaporation energy-saving system for the saccharification system of beer energy-saving transformation.

二、System description

Wort subpressure evaporation energy-saving system using the most advanced energy-saving technology and automatic control technology, covering a comprehensive, advanced equipment performance, flexible operation, security and stability, both to shorten the wort boiling time, and maximize the recovery of heat, , Through the use of secondary steam heat, can wort boil to save 20% of energy consumption, reduce the amount of steam, thereby reducing the consumption of raw coal, reduce costs, colleagues reduce the carbon dioxide and other polluting gas emissions, protect the environment.

Wort subpressure evaporation energy-saving technology with less investment, conservation of resources, the protection of the environment characteristics, especially for the brewery energy saving, clean production to carry out technological transformation, the domestic beer industry to implement circular economy, clean production, reduce energy consumption new way.

三、System composition

Wort subpressure evaporation energy-saving system Between the wort sinking sedimentation tank and the wort sheet cooler, the system consists of a vacuum pump, a vacuum tank, a into the wort pump, a go out the wort pump, a secondary steam condenser, a circulating water tank, Hot water tank, exhaust pipe, CIP cleaning system, PLC automatic control system and instrument valves and other equipment, equipment working pressure 0.07MPa (absolute pressure).

四、System features

The system has advanced self-control device to ensure out of the material balance, and has the largest evaporation area, his obvious advantages:

1. There are nearly 2.16% the after evaporation, shorten the boiling time, evaporation can be reduced to 6%, saving 20% of the heat consumption.

2. Low-pressure boiling point at 85 ℃, 98 ℃ hot wort quickly down to 86 ℃, can save the cooling energy consumption of 13.5%.

3. Can get a better quality of wort, bad flavor substances to be volatile as soon as possible, DNS less than 20ppb.

4. Recycle the heat of evaporation, the formation of secondary steam is recovered by the condenser and used to raise the temperature of the brewing water. The temperature of the brewed water raised by the secondary condensation can reach 80 ° C.

5. Investment return fast, cost-recovering the same year.

6. Construction and installation is simple, savings investment.

7. To avoid excessive heating of wort, which will help to retain the rich beer foam and the amount of soluble nitrogen, increases foam persistence, reduce the degree of wort, taste better soft.

五、Course of construction

The end of the hot wort from the tangential direction into the vacuum tank to form an inverted cone of the rotating surface, the surface increases, the favorable evaporation of the vapor removed, in the negative pressure of the wort into the tank to produce violent Boiling, a large number of steam generated by the vacuum pump suction away, colleagues take away a lot of heat to wort temperature drop. But also to wort in the bad flavor of the material as soon as possible to volatilize, DNS and other harmful flavor substances are reduced.

The heat exchanger in the system condenses the secondary volatilized steam and recovers the heat while forming a vacuum to keep the secondary vapor from continuing to evaporate and condense.

Wort subpressure evaporation energy-saving system starts with a vacuum pump to achieve system vacuum. After the start of the evaporation of the secondary steam condenser secondary steam to maintain the vacuum, no vacuum pump continuous work. While the brewing water used to condense the secondary steam absorbs the heat of the secondary steam and the viscosity increases as the saccharified hot water.

六、Model and performance parameter list



Maximum Flow Rate

Vacuum Tank Size(mm)

Heat Exchanger Size(mm)

Vacuum(MPa)(absolute pressure)

























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