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This customer’s production is brewing water treatment equipment, our engineer and his boss researched the water treatment technology for a long time.

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30 tons of wine fermentation tank 02

Product classification: Fruit wine equipment

Applications area: Beer Bars, Hotels, Restaurants etc.

Product features:

1. This set of equipment will closely combine the equipment processing with the technology;
2. All of our equipment are made by imported superior stainless steel with cooling jacket and temperature automatic control system the ;

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1. Product Information

Jinan Zunhuang Brewing Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the most professional beer equipment manufacturer in China. Our equipment is finely processed, durable in use and complete in specifications. We provide after-sale tracking service for our customers to ensure that they don’t have trouble back at home. we can supply all kinds of beer equipment according to your demand with favorable price.

The small place needed micro beer equipment is suitable for the hotel, home, small beer brewery, etc.


2.Complete sets of product standard:

1. Milling system  2. Agitation tank  3.Fermenting system/ mixing tank  4. Filling machine 

5.Capping machine  6.Automatic control system  7.Pumps and other components.



Wine fermentation system:

This set of equipment will closely combine the equipment processing with the technology,it has several advantages including artistic appearance,sanitary surface,small size、low cost、safety performance and simple operation. It can not only keep the nutrition of fresh fruits ,but also increase many other nutrient elements . The wine will be more benefit for human to absorb...


This set of equipment includes several processes :mill,brewing,clarifying, mixing and filling etc. It was composed by miller,agitation tank Fermenting system/ mixing tank Filling machine,capping machine automatic control system pumps and other components. The production capacity is from 100L to 2000L per batch , it can also customize according to different requirements.


All of our equipment are made by imported superior stainless steel with cooling jacket and temperature automatic control system the inside and outside of tanks especially welding line are polished and with polishing process .All of our equipment are up to food hygiene grade of national standard.The whole system is controlled by PLC, which can track and display the productive process.Its handle ability and maintainability can meet different requirement of large medium ,small fruit wine factory and higher ,colleges and universities.


4.The Product specifications:

1.Common specifications:ZH-300L,ZH-500L,ZH-1000L etc.,

2.We can design and produce according to your needs.



1 We have Professional personnel about the beer brewery, including, professional winemakers, professional engineers, professional drawers, professional marking specialists and professional installation personnel and service group.

2 We have much experience about the brewery design, manufacture, installation and service. We have sold many products to many countries and more and more companies from many countries will use our products to produce the beer and realize their brewery dream. We are glad to help those who want brew beer to realize their dreams.

3 We have far high effective teams; so that we could answer your questions more quickly, providing you our drawing for you, manufacturing your equipments in less time, saving your time and help you start to produce ahead of time.

4 We have professional service team; if you have any problems and suggestions about our product during the use procedure, please free to ask us and we are glad to solve your problems.

5 We could produce better products with a reasonable price. As we have low manpower resources and low and quality raw materials, so that you can own high quality products with a low price.



Being our customer, you can get the following service:

1. Projects supporting (Layout of equipment and equipment site);

2. Brewing formula & technology;

3. Equipment installation at your location;

4. Equipment debugging and trial brewing;

5. Equipment maintenance;

6. Personal training.

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