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Brewery beer equipment general used in industrial beer production line, which for the purpose of maximizing return on investment.

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This type of beer brewing equipment can brewing different type beer in the market, you can easily find, such as switch beer, wheat beer, dark beer and other special beer.

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We have high diathesis staff and excellent processing equipment, and quality control runs through the whole production process from parts stock to the beginning of production.

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What is brewing beer

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Craft beer

The so-called craft beer, English called "craftbeer", this kind of beer flavor rich, diverse aroma, you can find from them such as grapefruit, oranges, coconuts and other different fruit flavors, can also distinguish the fragrance, and even some On the coffee, chocolate these breath, and in terms of color, and basically the performance of the golden beer compared to the commercial beer, refined beer from the white beer, yellow beer to red beer, black beer are involved.

The concept of craft beer first appeared in the United States, the local brewery brewers Association with "small, autonomy and tradition," the three words summarize the characteristics of fine brewing beer, if expressed in vernacular, is " Way, regardless of cost, only to brew out the best drink beer. " This winery is now seen in Europe and the United States everywhere, but overall, the scale is not large.

The fermentation of craft beer and commercial beer is different, which determines the great difference between these two kinds of beer. In simple terms, 99% of the brewed beer belongs to the category of ale (ale), while the commercial beer is classified as Lager beer (large).



The so-called Al beer (ale), in fact, refers to the traditional way from the fermentation of beer, common strong stout, Indian light Al beer, Potter beer and so belong to this category. Ayr Beer uses the upper brewing method at the time of brewing, and the yeast it uses will float to the upper level of the wort while fermenting, and the temperature required for the fermentation is higher - in other words, the higher temperature makes the yeast more active , More likely to stimulate the raw material itself with a multi-flavor. In general, the taste of Al beer is more heavy, fruit is also more rich, because you can add many different elements in the brewing, so its change is also very strong.

Lager beer (lager) is the bottom of the fermentation method, when the fermentation is completed after the yeast and other impurities will sink to the bottom of the fermentation tank, because the fermentation temperature is lower, in general, the fermentation time is longer. If you have to trace the source, you will find that the temperature of the birthplace of the Rag beer is often lower than the temperature of the birthplace of the Al beer, this special environment is also a direct result of the yeast itself is not very high vitality, so The formation of the Lago beer most fresh and refreshing, resistant to storage characteristics, seriously, Lager beer between the different brands is very small, the change is not much more than Al beer.

Draft beer Fresh beer Beer:

(1)Cooked beer is after pasteurization or instant high temperature sterilization of beer, this beer generally will not continue to ferment, so the stability is good, long-term storage. However, high-temperature sterilization of beer, a variety of hydrolytic enzymes lose their activity, and color, clarity, taste and nutrition have changed, and even lost the fresh taste of beer.

(2)Draft beer is generally not pasteurized or instantaneous high temperature sterilization, and the use of physical methods to achieve a certain biological stability of beer sterilization. This kind of beer to drink more fresh than cooked beer, but generally not resistant to storage, should drink as soon as possible.

(3)Fresh beer is generally not subjected to pasteurization or instantaneous high temperature sterilization. Different from the draft beer, fresh beer has not been filtered, so finished fresh beer allows a certain amount of live yeast, these yeast can increase appetite, promote gastric juice decomposition, speed up digestion.

(4)The beer is a kind of fresh beer ,but different from ordinary fresh beer. Straw is a pure natural Bar draft beer, no color, no preservatives, no sugar, without any flavor of high quality wine. Usually the beer is directly from the production line into the closed stainless steel barrels, drink only by burning beer before the injection of carbon dioxide can be. This wine avoids direct contact with the air, so the taste is more fresh and pure.

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