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This type of beer brewing equipment can brewing different type beer in the market, you can easily find, such as switch beer, wheat beer, dark beer and other special beer.

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The use of hops in beer brewing

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Hops is one of the most important raw materials in beer,it is a natural plant, but it can be and the perfect blend of beer, her bitter taste can balance the sweetness of malt, but also bring longer aftertaste and Wine, and so many people are difficult to homemade beer, it is still a natural preservative, but also enhance the sustainability of the beer bubble, and so on, and so forth.

Hops in beer brewing in different forms in a variety of stages have been widely used, bringing the different effects and effects of beer. This one I put in the brew and brewed beer used in a way to make a summary.

Look at the form, the most common is the dry hops, as well as compressed hops particles.

Many extreme people prefer uncompressed hops, feel so more natural, but from the experimental and blind view, and no difference. Compressed hops particles in fact the use of higher efficiency, but because the compression process, after all, the impact of temperature, the overall efficiency is flat.

There is also a new approach is the direct use of fresh hops, called the wet hops, the legend can bring a particularly natural taste, this year my friend asked me to help me planted four hops, autumn harvest will try This method can be verified.

There are many wineries will directly use the hops of the extract, or even a similar chemical agent, which is not our brewed and brewed beer and category.

In the specific brewing of beer, according to join the order, there are some ways:

1.The former wort hops: malt mash after the first collection of wort after the addition of hops, in this temperature hops in the bitter acid and wort will play a complex chemical reaction, so that the bitter taste of hops More smooth, more refreshing, this method is often used in many traditional German beer and American heavy flavored beer.

2.Bitter flower to join the law: in the beginning of the boiled wort to join, then add the hops can be relatively limited release of bitter acid.

3.Body flower method: in the boiled wort before the end of ten to thirty minutes to join, then add the hops bitterness and fragrance are not the maximum extraction, but it can affect the wine, bring some hops unique taste.

4.Fragrant flower method: in the last to join the wort, then the hops will not release too much pain, but it can keep the aroma, directly to the beer.

5.Dried hops: in the fermentation is basically completed before joining, generally put 5 to 10 days, can greatly enhance the beer floral, IPA beer filling the necessary process.

In fact, there are a lot of all kinds of strange skills, especially those who brewed beer, everything is to have imagination and creativity, do not have too many rules and regulations, beer, many styles and methods are actually Brewer of beer to create, everything is possible.

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