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Zunhuang brewery equipment focus on well performance and easy control for beer brewing, not pursue of ornate appearance.

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The concept of fine brewing is also popular in recent years. Fine craft beer originated in Europe, the family brewing process, but it is the earliest in the United States the rise of thecraft beer revolution.

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  • Old customer in Europe

    This is a very famous brewery in Norway, Randhav bryggeri. At the same time, it ’ s our old customer in Europe, At the beginning, they bought one set if 50L home brewing equipment form zunhuang company. ....

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  • Customer from  Korean

    We are thanks each customer for upgrading our products and services . This customer ’ s production is brewing water treatment equipment, our engineer and his boss researched the water treatment technology for a long time.....

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  • 300L Pub Beer Brewing Equipment Russia Customer Case

    300L beer brewing equipment configuration The brewhouse is two tanks three vessels, which includes mash&kettle, lauter, whirlpool tun, it is our creation. The brewhouse system is not only save available space,....

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  • Great customer in Bolivia

    This is an our great customer in Bolivia, we have talked many times and long time. Finally, they make sure what they need of brewing equipment. Also, the customer thanked me for being patient and pay attention to hi....

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  • Foreign customers to visit the Zunhuang

    Shandong Zunhuang Brewing Equipment Co., Ltd is the domestic integrated industrial and trade comprehensive enterprise dedicated in research, manufacturer, development, sales and after-sale service, until now have the 16....

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